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What improvement would YOU like to see?

One of our Moderators has approached us with some ideas for improving site functions and features. We love that many of you have taken the time to be a part of this initiative.

So, we will consider these (and other) requests. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions (creative and polite feedback please). All suggestions will be discussed within our team and we hope to implement some of your requests over the next few months.

Here are the great suggestions so far:

- list the members age along side their name

- Tagging members

- to be able to put pics in comments

- be able to see if a message was read

- bring back the search bar in the top of page

- ability to hide what you see on your newsfeed

- A way to recognise from the thumbnail what a member is searching for M, F, C (so they avoid clicking on a female looking for a female if they are male).

- to be able to like someone's comment

- Make photos unsaveable

- notification if someone blocks you

- ability to delete multiple inbox messages

  • jediknightjason: create a filter in the chat window so that i only see matches online that are from my state...not other states...
  • down4fun521: It'd be nice to upload videos too
  • Gtingsweet: how can you meet up with members if you are not allowed to give contact details. doesn't that defeat the object of what this site is about.advise me please.
  • hotts4ualso: I have come back for a second look but nothing has changed still the pics of most females are fake christ you have to do a pic search to find out I know it is hard to keep on top of it but surely if you are going to have a site called Fuckbook that is what we want to maybe find just someone to hook up with!!
  • chief4she: Upload videos
  • SexyKenni: I want to upload videos
  • hotts4ualso: I think most of us are up with it when we know we are being scammed so we should be able to discretely contact someone and if they don't want it they can delete or block otherwise might as well call site fairybook in fantasy land.
  • ashleypringle: Ability to delete multiple messages at a time would be fantastic - perhaps the ability to create group-chats, as well
  • Ann4572: We should be able to give feedback as to why we had to block an individual to admin.
  • Phish96: The ability to see how long since someone has been online.....tons of profiles locally but only 1 or 2 actually active
  • generalzodd8: Be able to sort by distance.