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Apologies for Image Bug

Some members have experienced a small bug with uploading GIFs or missing inbox images recently.

We apologize for these inconveniences, which we are working on fixing as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • malex11111111: I would like to search my friends and create a catalog by country and alphabetical.
  • valais: fixing a.s.a.p ? Hasn't been fixed yet.......
  • MASKMAN56: Why Do Photos,Gif;s go away after they are post,This Problems Really Need to Be Address,A.S.A.P.OR give Paids Member A ReFund.
  • MASKMAN56: A Month 1/2 is too long...?
  • 49SPA: I still have that problem
  • Kinano: the problem seems to be back :/
  • roostermike2: Now I have the same problem
  • Larryal01: No solution yet?
  • Hot4UAlready: I' still experiencing problems. Hope y'all clear this up soon.
  • tman1625347: I would like to have the help of the new ambassador on completing my profile. II really need to ask your opinion. on several items. I've got my internet provider working on it but even with my inbox empty it not getting through. Thanks Tom Spain